Siam Feather Products Co., Ltd. (SFP) has been processing and supplying the finest quality Duck and Goose Down and Feather products for the international market since the 1940’s. We are a member of the International Down and Feather Bureau.

SFP is a company dedicated to quality, flexibility, and above all customer satisfaction. We pledge to our customers an unconditional commitment to service and excellence. SFP is a flexible manufacturer, able to satisfy constant market demand through the production of a broad range of products.

SFP is the part of The Downia Group of Companies, has its heritage dating back to 1911. Today the Downia Group of Companies are leading suppliers of a complete range of bedroom products that principally use  feather and down fillings. And the group has been creating premium down and feather bedding for more than 100 years.

  • Offices now in Australia, Thailand and China
  • Own manufacturing in Thailand, Australia and our new factory in China
  • Complete manufacturing control: Feather & Down processing, grading as well as sewing
  • Internal and external quality assurance processes, our laboratory is recognised by the International Down and Feather Laboratory and meets their testing standards.
  • High quality products backed by the highest warranties
  • Continued Hospitality leadership
  • Extensive product range
  • Hypo allergenic & asthma friendly products
  • Comply with Oeko-tex standard 100. Custom made manufacturing
    (sizes, fill and fabric)
  • Expert in-house cleaning duvets and pillows
  • Product service and rejuvenation


1911 - 1937 1946
Australian Feather Mills Pty Ltd commenced processing feather and down in Australia in 1911,incorporation 1937. Siam Feather Products Co., Ltd, commenced operation in Thailand in 1946.
1953 - 1975 2001
Saigon Feather Mills commenced operation in Vietnam in 1953 (until the fall of the then South Vietnamese government in 1975) In November 2001, the company moved Head office to Thailand.
In 2006, the Downia group established a China based feather and down processing, manufacturing and finished products factory and company.  


Downia has an ongoing commitment to control and allergic reaction within our home. All Downia product are encased in high thread count cotton fabric, which has been proven to be impenetrable to dust mites that are thought to be a leading cause that affects asthma sufferers. We use a special washing and rinsing process called Puresan(tm) to remove bacteria, dust and allergens leaving the down clean and fluffy.


All Downia products comply with Oeko - Tex Standard 100 which tests for harmful substances ensuring product safety.