An important factor for achieving a good night’s sleep is a comfortably adequate amount of space of your mattress. The recommended size for two adults to sleep on is a queen or king size bed.

The following images are a general guide to help you make the best decision. Here are the sizes of mattresses commonly used in Thailand.

Single 36’’x 78’’ (inches) / 91 x 198 (centimeters)

Twin size is generally made to accommodate one child or one adult sleeper. On occasion when you need to lay with your child it should accommodate, but will be a bit crowded. If you are a taller adult you may want to consider a twin which will give you added length. In fact two of them side by side equals a king (see below).

Twin-XL 42’’x 78’’ (inches) / 107 x 198 (centimeters)

Twin size This size is great for taller youth or adults. Twin-XL is the same length as a queen or king,.

Queen 60’’x 78’’ (inches) / 152 x 198 (centimeters)

Queen size is the most popular size sold. Ideal for two adults who don’t want a king size in order to save living space. Also great for those who just like to spread out.

King 72’’x 78’’ (inches) / 182 x 198 (centimeters)

King size is the same length as a queen but much wider (12 inches). If you have the space it offers the most room for couples.

Super King 76’’x 78’’ (inches) / 193 x 198 (centimeters)